Project Description

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine GK-4020/1530/1325

Fiber laser cutting machine, set the most advanced  fiber laser technology, numerical control technology, precision machinery technology at an organic whole. Providing customers with sheet metal cutting speed experience, sheet cutting speeds up to the same power YAG laser cutting machine several times. Sheet metal machining accuracy is much higher than YAG laser and CO2 laser. Long life of a laser generator from the world the first laser German brand IPG, 24 hours of continuous work of maintenance free.

Product description

1. Germany imported laser optical system and accessories, stable and reliable;

2. Imported high-precision servo motor, screw, rail, rack and pinion, to ensure that processing efficiency and accuracy, while greatly improving the stability and reliability of equipment operation;

3. High cutting efficiency, high cutting quality, no noise; high speed, high efficiency, cutting sheet metal up to tens of meters per minute; good cutting edge quality, small deformation, the appearance of smooth, beautiful;

4. Without mould, flexible manufacturing, Fiber metal laser cutting machine can meet all kinds of special-shaped workpiece processing requirements;

5. Less energy consumption, low cost; high device stability, low maintenance costs.

Application industry

Fiber laser cutting machine had been widely used in metal processing,aeronautics,astronautics,electronic,electrical appliances,food machinery,textile machinery,engineering machinery,precision parts,ship,metallurgical equipment,elevator,household appliances,crafts,processing tools,decoration and advertisement etc.

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