Project Description

Pneumatic Marking Machine

  • Pneumatic marking machine is the special high-quality products that Gold King Equipment developed.
  • Special designed needles and needle caving can complete more than 300hz in the case of low pressure over the high frequency vibration,ensuring mark characters clearly and smoothly.
  • Special design tools,realizing fast clamping,frequent positioning,rapid access to state,import motors,high speed operation,stable lasting.
  • Low pressure work,reducing the work noise.
  • Efficient operating software,convenient operation,easy control.

Marking range90×110mm,90×150mm,90×180mm
Marking speed1-180 characters/second
Marking contentNumber,character,common symbols,all kinds of graphics,chinese characters etc
Equipment power<300W
Air pressure rate>0.25Mpa
Impact force0-25KG
Impact frequency300HZ
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