Project Description

Metal laser cutting machine GK-YAG 600W

YAG series metal laser cutting machine, designed for YAG laser sheet metal cutting ≤8mm, YAG laser is the core component of independent research and design, single crystal power> 600W, as the leading domestic level. YAG laser cutting macine is the preferred cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum etc. Widely used in sheet metal, metal products, steel, precision machinery, auto parts, nameplates, advertising, handicrafts, electronics, toys, packaging and other industries.

1. The output power up to 600W or more, single crystal limit output 750W;
2.Laser wave length 1064nm, has the ability to cut, such as aluminum, copper, brass highly reflective material;
3. Modular design, high environmental adaptability, easy maintenance;
4. Use and maintenance costs than carbon dioxide laser at the end.
5. Imported USA autofocus metal sensor in the laer head,high precision and good stability.
6. Japan servo motor and imported lead screw & guide that ensure machine efficiency and accuracy, increasing the stability and reliability greatly.
7. Suit many varieties of small, middle batch and mass production.
8. Support OEM and ODM

Working area500×500mm1200×1200mm1300×2500mm1500×3000mm
Laser powerYAG 600W
Laser wavelength1060nm
Cutting thickness≦20mm
Cutting speed≦30m/min
Location accuracy+-0.03mm/m
Repeat location accuracy+-0.02mm/m
Equipment power10-20KW
Cooling methodWater cooling
Power supply3-phase 380V 50HZ

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